Quality packaging for the art world

Art transport

Fawic protects your art from atmospheric fluctuations

The right packaging is vital for an artwork’s condition during transport. The crate needs to protect the art pieces against shocks, moisture, and atmospheric fluctuations.

Transport box for art

Packing and transporting art requires special care. Fawic offers durable lightweight boxes that are suitable for the transportation of paintings or three-dimensional works of art.

The specially developed art transport boxes provide excellent protection against climatic influences, changes in temperature, dust, moisture and mechanical influences such as vibrations and shocks. Fawic art boxes meet the high standards that the art world imposes on transportation.

De Christoffel® I-II-III-IV

Protects paintings against climatic influences.

In Christoffel® 3D

In Christoffel® 3D, three-dimensional artwork and sculptures are transported.

Christoffel® Gallery box

Designed for galleries, for the transport and storage of paintings.

Christoffel® XL

The Christoffel® XL is designed to safely transport multiple paintings at once.



Our transport boxes can be created in any format for almost every imaginable application. Find out what we can do for you: please contact our experts for a free consultation.