Christoffel® XL art transport boxes

Protecting your large artefacts

Christoffel® XL art transport boxes

Like his brothers: I-II-III-IV and the 3D the Christoffel® XL art transport boxes offer optimum protection during transportation and moving of paintings for exhibition, restoration or relocation. The Christoffel® XL fully complies with the high demands of the art world transports, and benefits from a large capacity to transport multiple paintings at the same time.


To protect valuable paintings we lined the Christoffel® XL interior with a standard LD29 foam layer. Upon request, the Christoffel® XL art transport boxes can be lined with felt. The box’s interior fixation arms are fitted with our FB20 locking system to secure the paintings inside the box. The fixation arms are provided with a foam casing lined with felt. Choose our standard version with removable cover or our newly developed model with a 270-degree swivel, to prevent paintings from sliding.

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Safe art transport

Christoffel® XL art transport boxes protect paintings against dust, moisture and mechanical influences such as vibrations.

For external use we have a buffered frame option with “muted” wheels fitted below the box. The dimensions of the box comply with the standard transportation size of 1200 mm and a gate width of 80 cm.


The dust and moist protection. FB20 locking system offers the best protection for all your transports and provides rapid construction and disassembly upon departure and arrival without the need for tools. To prevent damage in transit, the box has no protruding parts. Unauthorized opening of the Christoffel® XL is prevented by pin locks that bolt the locking system.


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